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Wednesday, August 18th, 2004
6:45 pm
I wrote this last night. I think its pretty funny. I thought I would share it with the two of you who read this.

Went to Brew City for a weekend of fun
Saw a baseball game where the Marlins had won
Had some Budweisers in the Parking Lot beforehand
Stumbled to my seat with a sweet Gantner bobble
Started flirting with a girl who's a friend's co-worker
We'd just met that day and I thought she was cute
Her hair was in pigtails and I couldn't resist
When the game was over we started to kiss
We had a great time she's a whole lot of fun
Kissing on the roof is second to none
She's a great girl hope I see her again
But my dumb ass didn't get her digits
It was kick ass weekend I'll never forget
Culminated with Baseball, Beer and a Babe.

current mood: happy

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Saturday, March 20th, 2004
3:17 pm - Happy!
I have a couple Happy Birthday wishes to give.

First, Happy 45th Birthday to the real Steve Borden, the Stinger!

And although its 3 days late, Happy 37th Birthday to William Patrick Corgan Jr.

current mood: chipper

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Tuesday, February 10th, 2004
9:42 pm
I know my birthday is not for another eight months, but someone has to buy me this:


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Tuesday, November 11th, 2003
5:27 pm - Rock
Its been ages since my lazy ass has posted but I just had to for this:


Fuck yeah! I will definitely be bidding. That would achieve two of my goals, to meet Billy Corgan and to play the Metro. Then I could die a happy man.

current mood: amused

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Monday, June 2nd, 2003
5:33 pm - Deer Porn!
So I had a pretty interesting day on Saturday. I actually saw some deer porn! I was down in Hornsby, Illinois, which is near Gillespie, camping out at a friends parents' house in the middle of fucking nowhere. They have a tape of a deer coming up to the concrete deer they have near their pond, sniffing the concrete deer and finally trying to mount the deer. It even broke the tail off of the deer. Its one of the funniest fucking things I have ever seen. Well now I can say that I am actually a deer porn expert now.

current mood: groggy

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Sunday, May 18th, 2003
11:48 pm
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if this page refused to load? You're quite
the inquitive one, always questioning the
norm. You're into repetition and cliches.
You're also a creature of habit. Although,
you may just simply be a creature. Who am
I to judge?
<font size=-2><center><a href="http://www.pumpkinheads.net/test3/index.html">The ABC's of Smashing Pumpkins songs; Which "A" song are you?</a></center></font></td></TABLE>

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Saturday, May 17th, 2003
3:14 pm
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You are often irate while working with others,
specifically your band. This behavior is most
likely caused by the aggravation of dealing
with your unruly hair on a daily basis.. but
don't worry, there's no need to feel dismayed,
your clothing seems to distract attention away
from everything within a 10 foot radius of you,
so you're all set.<br>
<font size=-2><center><a href="http://www.pumpkinheads.net/test/index.html">Which Era of Billy Corgan are you?</a></center></font></td></TABLE>

current mood: awake

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Thursday, March 20th, 2003
10:48 pm - Happy!
I just wanted to wish a Happy Birthday to the real Steve Borden, the wrestler formerly known as Sting.

current mood: awake

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Wednesday, March 12th, 2003
8:26 pm
I’m changing all the time for you
I’m changing all the time for you
I wish I could stay the same for you
But I’m changing all the time

Why do I have to change
Why do you look at me strange
Tell me what I did to you
To make me want to change

The demons in my head are hard to break
My mind just drifts and fades away
All I want is just a little peace and quiet
Because the stress is killing me

I’m not going to change my mind
Maybe I’ll see you around next time
I bet you don’t even have a clue
About all the bullshit that you’ve put me through

This change I make is for myself
I don’t give a shit about anybody else
If I can’t be happy all the time
I’ll at least be happy with myself

So why don’t you leave this place
I can’t stand to look at your face
This crazy world’s been playing games with my head
But at least I can be free
From you
And from all the other assholes in the world
I am now free

current mood: artistic

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Saturday, February 8th, 2003
1:05 am - An actual update
Since Zach's drunk ass keeps bitching at me for not updating this piece of shit, here's my fucking update. And since it has been so fucking long, I will use dates along with the stories.

1/23-Indoor Soccer Game: Thats right, I played in this game, mainly because it was against the Millikin Women's team. I even scored a goal! I put it right between the keeper's legs (the ball that is) and into the goal. After the game, Zach and I head to Jimmy John's for some grub. I was wearing my sweet new Zwan hat at the time and as I was paying for the food the girl behind the counter said "Would you like your 'Hey nice hat' receipt?" So she proceed to tell everyone working there about my hat, and I heard "Nice hat" 20 times or so. Even some jackass from the back room came out to tell it to me. I'm glad I made it out alive. I should have gotten the number of the girl working there, but oh well.

1/25-There is nothing like sitting around your apartment at 2 in the afternoon drinking beer with your mother and talking about threesomes. Thats right, my mother made a visit to the abode. We had a couple of beers and shot the shit and then she took me grocery shopping. She bought me a shitload of food and also a laundry basket that I desperately needed. We then proceeded to drink a couple more beers and she finally left. Later that night I found myself in Decatur because Greg and Suzie wanted Stank and me to go Moonlight Bowling or whatever the fuck its called. Anyways, the bowling alley ended up being booked full and you have to reserve a lane and pay beforehand so we didn't go bowling, obviously. So we ended up at this bar my sister said she was going to be at but she wasn't there. I spent the rest of the night making fun of Zach with someone who used to work with him and her husband. We were also making fun of their friend who looks like David Spade and tried to get the bartender's number to no avail. And my sister finally showed up with her girlfriend and we made a scene.

1/29-Michigan at Illinois: Stank, Zach and I ended up at Show Me's to watch this one. Actually there is not much to report here except I remember that Illinois won, Stank traded barbs with an appliance repairman/genious, and I asked our waitress out. She said she had a boyfriend but if she didn't she would show me the greatest time I ever had. Okay, so I made the last part up.

2/1-Bowling: So we finally get to do the whole bowling thing and as soon as I got there I head to the restroom. While I'm in there Stank comes in and tells me that my ex-girlfriend (whore) was here with her boyfriend. As soon as I walk out of the bathroom who do I see but that little slut. Thank God she didn't say anything to me. Later that night I am once again in the pisser (after about 10 beers and a shot of Jager) and her boyfriend walks in to talk to me. He asked if she and I had hooked up while they were together and that if her and I hook up in the future to call him on his cell phone. Yeah right buddy I wouldn't call you anyways but don't worry I won't get anywhere near that skank. To top the night off, she text messages my cell phone for me to call her at 4 a.m. Then she tries calling my phone at 4:23 but I don't answer because I'm passed out drunk.

2/5-Saw Theory of a Deadman in concert tonight. They sucked ass. Found 2 guitar picks on the floor. Made fun of just about everyone attending the show. Thats all I gotta say about that.

2/7-I pretty much was in a shitty mood all night so I slept. Zach and Stank were trying to get me to drink with them but I declined. And if I hear that fucking horrible song one more fucking time I am going to put a hole in something, probably Zach's face.

And thats my update I hope you fucking like it. And Zach, I changed my password so fucking bite me

current mood: pissed off

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12:02 am - as dictated to zach77
so hadley is busy playing his guitar, so here is what he says:

so far a lot of strumming on the guitar.

now he is looking at the comptuer, and now he is playing some good times S.P. for the old folks in the house. I'm in here, plese take me home. Does that ring a bell?

some more guitar action.

Andy is now watching this action.

ok hadley just told me off because he knows mellon collie AND it's songs per track, wheras I just know the songs and not what track they are on. he just played "here is no why" and I said it was track #12 and it was #5 on the red disk, of course.

now is "the aeroplane flies high"

Andy-- what the hell is this in the living room?

(lots of Andy and me yelling at each other here)

Ok, now Hadley is a cock. I'm busy yelling at Andy and Hadley is playing and i go "Nirvana, All Apologies" and he's like "No" and I'm like "yes it was" and he's like "ok". So eat me.

Rhinocerous is seriously a great song.

now we're in incubus mode.

today is the greatest, day I've ever known, hadley has quit playing, this song.

Andy has refused comment on this journal entry.

Led Zepplin: played by Hadley

kebzach: shouldn't you be out trying to get on someone right now?
(no reply from Courtney)

it's like being in an issue of rolling stone right now, with Andy jamming the living room and Hadley jamming in here.

Hadley has decided to not talk tonight. He grew his beard out and decided to sleep most of tonight, but then once he woke up his guitar playing has been quite good, if I do say so my pumpkin loving self. He just jammed some Rhinocerous, which is of course good news.

Now he's staring me down. Hmmm.

He has just flicked me off. I asked him to say something to his fans. Eat me Andy, I can too type.

With that, it's beer and leave this motha fucka time.

current mood: indescribable

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Monday, January 20th, 2003
1:10 pm - Zwan!
Main Set:
Mary Star of the Sea
Declarations of Faith
El Sol
Never My Love [The Association]
Settle Down
Spilled Milk
Of a Broken Heart
Ride A Black Swan
Endless Summer
A New Poetry
Encore 1:
Jesus, I [Lyte]
> God's Gonna Set This World (tease)
Encore 2:
Eighteen [Alice Cooper]
Baby Let's Rock!

Thanks to www.zwanphoria.org for the setlist from last night.

The show was amazing. I ended up about 20 feet from the right side of the stage so I got some pretty good pictures. Some highlights were:
Spilled Milk - This could be the greatest song ever written by one William Corgan Jr. Hopefully a studio version of this song will be released one day.
Declarations of Faith - Becoming one of my favorite Zwan songs. The tempo changes are great.
And I also love how all five of them are enjoying every second by smiling and laughing at each other. Paz and Billy even kissed each other on the cheek.
And my new Zwan hat rocks!

current mood: chipper

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Friday, January 17th, 2003
7:41 pm - Finally I update this fucking thing
Good news! I'm going to see Zwan on Sunday! Thats right, muthafuckin Zwan! Of course I have already seen them twice, but that was like 9 months ago. So I will be in Chicago on Sunday rocking my ass off. In other news, I have finally gotten a haircut. And shaved off the beard. I have received about 20 compliments from co-workers and friends on my shortened follicles. Some people didn't even recognize me it was such a change. And in completely other news, Zach's still gay.

current mood: giddy

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Tuesday, January 7th, 2003
11:51 pm
Not much going on today. Just wanted to wish Kenny Loggins a happy 55th birthday.

current mood: drained

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Monday, January 6th, 2003
10:49 pm
The football game was fucking awesome! I was 14 rows straight back from the goal line where the falcons blocked the punt in the first quarter. I got some great pictures as well. The best one was probably of the scoreboard after the game was over. And the best part was when we were tailgating some guy comes over and says "Falcons suck!" The funny thing, though, is that he was wearing an Eugene Robinson Packer jersey. Thats fucking hilarious. And my whore ex-girlfriend keeps trying to IM me. What a slut!

current mood: amused

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Sunday, January 5th, 2003
12:59 pm - Falcons 27, Packers 7
I don't think Hadley will mind me guest posting this entry for him:

Feel free to add your own captions as necessary.

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Friday, January 3rd, 2003
11:31 pm
I'm going to the Falcons game tomorrow! And I will only be 14 rows away from the legendary frozen tundra! And I will be so drunk I will probably forget the whole damn thing.

current mood: groggy

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Wednesday, January 1st, 2003
10:31 am - Happy New Year
Happy New Year fucksticks! I'm so glad that fucking year is over and I believe 2003 will be a much better year. Hell, it only took 60 minutes into this year for me to hear Zwan on the radio. Only 27 more days until the album comes out. I will be camping out at Best Buy the night before. Okay I actually won't be camping out at Best Buy. I got more important things to do than that. So to the two of you that read this piece of shit, Happy fucking New Year.

current mood: blah

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Monday, December 30th, 2002
10:39 pm - 3 hours
The fucking water heater was leaking today. I called the maintenance man at about 7:15 and he finally showed up at 10:15. Thats 3 hours and multiple phone calls later. He has to call the actual plumbing store tomorrow to get them to come out and fix it. What a bunch of crap.

current mood: tired

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Sunday, December 29th, 2002
10:48 pm - Thanks!
Thank you, Minnesota Vikings.
Thank you, Cincinnatti Bengals.
Thank you, Carolina Panthers.
But most of all, thank you New Orleans Saints for playing like shit and letting the aforementioned teams beat you.
The Falcons are in the playoffs! What a glorious day!
Green Bay's home playoff winning streak will be over Saturday night.

current mood: happy

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